Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Amazing tips on writing a great introduction to marketing papers

Amazing tips on writing a great introduction to marketing papers
Suppose with me, you invest your time and resources in writing a marketing paper, only for your readers to read your introduction and put away your paper. This is bound to happen if your introduction is substandard. As such, a great introduction is essential in marketing paper writing. This article will give you nuggets of wisdom in writing a splendid marketing paper introduction.
Write an interesting introduction – while an interesting introduction captivates your audience, a boring one simply puts off your audience. The following are approaches of writing a captivating your audience
  •          Ask a question
  •          Use of an anecdote
  •          Share a joke
  •          Start with a surprising aspect of your paper
Be informative –your introduction must be inform your reads the subject of your marketing paper
Avoid vocabularies –avoid introducing complex words in your introduction. Ensure to keep it simple for a better comprehension 
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