Thursday, 9 August 2012

Do’ s in writing marketing papers

Do’ s in writing marketing papers
The following are things that you must do when writing marketing papers
The structure – a professional marketing paper requires you to write an introduction, body, and finally the conclusion 
Introduction -write an interesting introduction to captivate the attention of your target audience. You can achieve this by sharing a joke, asking a question, writing a relevant anecdote, or giving a common saying.  
The body –describe your ideas in details, basing them on facts
The conclusion – your conclusion is the summary of your main ideas. It does not introduce new ideas
Citation – cite ideas from a different author. Citation is one of the most effective approaches of combating plagiarism.
Sentences- avoid run-on sentences.
Transitional words – use transitional words in between your paragraphs to ensure a smooth transition between the paragraphs
Topic -select an interesting and relevant marketing paper
Revise –ensure to revise on your paper upon completing it