Thursday, 9 August 2012

Nuggets of wisdom in writing marketing papers

Nuggets of wisdom in writing marketing papers
Writing marketingpapers requires you to have dexterity. The following are nuggets of wisdom that you must apply when writing marketing papers.
  • Topic –select an interesting and relevant topic to your target audience. An interesting topic will naturally captivate your audience to read the rest of your paper  
  • Sentences- avoid run on sentences. These are sentences with two or more independent clauses. Avoid repetitive sentence structures, instead, implement on varying structures of your sentences. Do not write long or complex sentences while short and simple sentences would convey the message
  • Base your ideas on facts –a great marketing paper is based on facts. As such, research comprehensively on your subject to have in depth details.
  • Paragraphs- your paragraphs must explain one idea exclusively. Do not write one-sentence paragraphs. A paragraph should have a minimum of three sentences. Use transitional words to enhance a smooth transition between the paragraphs 
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