Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Nuggets of wisdom in writing a thesis proposal

Just like any other academic paper, writing a thesis proposal requires you to equip yourself with dexterity on the same. The following are nuggets of wisdom that you must apply when writing a thesis proposal, stay with me.
  • Sentences –avoid run- on sentences. These sentences have at least two independent parts or clauses. Vary the structure of the structure of your sentences. Avoid convoluted sentences
  •  Paragraphs –vary the structure of your paragraphs, avoid one-sentence paragraphs; a paragraph should comprise of at least three sentences. Each paragraph should transit from general to specific
  • Smooth transition – use transitions between your paragraphs to enhance a smooth flow in between your paragraphs
  • Complex words –avoid complex words while simpler ones would convey the message.
  • Avoid being obscure -Simple and clear words will give your reader a comprehension of your thesis proposal effectively.
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