Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Writing an amazing abstract section of a thesis proposal

One of the most important sections of a thesis proposal is an abstract. The following are nuggets of wisdom that you must apply when writing an abstract section of a thesis proposal:
An abstract is a summary of your entire thesis proposal. It is astute to write it as the last section of your thesis proposal. It should be written on a separate page.

  •          The length – an abstract should be one paragraph long ranging from 200-250 words.
  •          Tense- since it is a summary of your thesis proposal, an abstract should take a past tense format.
  •          Its function –an abstract should give the key statement of your thesis. Ensure to present a brief introduction to the subject. Finally an abstract should also give a summary of how you want to address the subject
  •          Allegation -include a possible implication if the project is successfully complete.

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