Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Writing an amazing methods section of a thesis proposal

If you are reading this page, then chances are that you are aspiring to write a thesis proposal. Writing a thesis proposal would not be complete without the method section. This article will subsequently give you nuggets of wisdom in writing a method section of a thesis proposal, stay with me.
  The method section is a description of your approach, your materials, and the procedures of your research process.

  •          Describe the methods to be used
  •          How the data will be collected and analyzed 
  •          The materials to be used
  •          Describe the challenges that you experienced during research in relation to the given approach
  •          Keep it in mind that you are required to include the results in this section
  •          Describe the assumptions and range of validity
  •          Describe the procedure, equipment, and calibration graphs
  •          Limit your citations to data sources of complete method procedures 
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